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Tidewater Pastoral Counseling Services is essentially people...people who are educated and trained to help you grow in your most significant relationships and in your own personal life.

TPCS is a not-for-profit extension of the Judeo-Christian faith community dedicated to providing quality pastoral counseling and education to anyone regardless of age, race, faith perspective or socio-economic background. Organized in 1974, TPCS serves more than 1,500 clients annually in eight centers throughout Hampton Roads.

The staff are ordained or licensed clergy representing a wide variety of denominations, who have specialized training and certification through the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Many of the pastoral counselors on staff are licensed in Virginia as Professional Counselors and/or Marriage and Family Therapists.

Like other mental health professionals, pastoral counselors are required to complete a clinical training program and possess a working knowledge of personality development, psychopathology, theories of counseling, the psychology of religious experience and marriage and family dynamics.

Unlike other mental health professionals, pastoral counselors are required to have a graduate degree in theology, ordination or its equivalent, three years experience in parish ministry and the endorsement of a recognized faith group.

Pastoral counseling tends to be person-centered rather than problem-centered and focuses on the growth of individuals rather than the psychopathology or deficiencies of persons.

Tidewater Pastoral Counseling Services also has extensive training and educational opportunities. Check out Education and Training and Pre-Marriage Seminars for two of our programs. You may also read our Notice of Privacy Practices.

You can also refer to our Mission Statement or the Counseling Staff for more information.

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